Stiffy Live!

September 15, 2018  -  Krakula 2. Rocknacht - Bramfelder Chaussee 265, 22177 Hamburg

October 19, 2018  -  Klubhaus Kukuun - Spielbudenplatz 21-22, 20095 Hamburg

Lets Be friends.

Although Stiffy music is really not describable, some have called them the modern Beatles, yet anyone can simply feel the Stiffy sound as they flow through a vast array of influences and bring it all into

one outstanding music experience.


“Its the emotion that hits you”,

says Demys (guitar, vocals),

“we put that upfront and face to

face with the audience.”

                                                                       “Its our fresh melodies

                                                                        with the indie-rock sound along

                                                                        with driving Electro-Dub riffs

                                                                        really make our music so

                                                                        elaborate”, says Skelly (vocals).

Artur - (bass), Martin (drums) along with Lukasz (guitar) add hypnotic rhythms into the Stiffy sound giving a pure energy rush.

Hi, we’re Stiffy, an indie rock band out of Hamburg, Germany.

Check out more of our music here and come see us live. Read more about our band below.

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Stiffy will release its CD, fears4sale, in 2018.

The CD features extraordinary Indie Rock music with great melodies that have the essence of legendary rock bands going all the way back to the Beatles.

fears4sale is the title of Stiffys first CD and features hits like Satellite Love, Jupiter Kiss, Fish Tattoo and many others.

The unique sound of Stiffy has brought the band more and more attention making them one of Hamburgs upcoming cult live act as they preform in some of Hamburgs best clubs.

Get your copy soon.

The audience simply can’t stand still when Stiffy plays. The music reaches deep into the soul and body. Stiffy has been entertaining audiences live since 2016.

If you don’t know the Stiffy music, checkout the CD, fears4sale, or see us live!

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